#food: see what this Snail Stew will do to your health. - MY MR.RIGHT



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#food: see what this Snail Stew will do to your health.

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Nigerian Snail Stew is one of these meals objects that receives wiped out at unique occasions in Nigeria. Your visitor may be truely angry if you fail to consist of Snails on his plate specially when your menu says so. Nigerian Snail Stew looks simple however ought to effortlessly cross wrong. You have realize for how long to prepare dinner the snail to have high-quality crunchy texture.
In Efik, Snail is referred to as ‘Ekwong’ and in Yoruba it's miles ‘Igbin’. A while in the past in Lagos, some humans felt that just a 5 letter word to describe this unique meat changed into now not enough so they decided to nickname it after a former kingdom governor ‘Igbinedion’.

An exciting tale approximately Ekwong. A couple of yr in the past while have been all unmarried and care loose residing somewhere in Surulere Lagos, some thing hilarious passed off round Ekwong. It become Friday night and a chum of ours had gone off to buy barbecue snails. Nakanda as the region become popularly called made the first-rate roasted snails in Lagos; proper amount of pepper, right quantity of palm oil, well-pro and sufficient of the charred skin of snail, so it became a Friday treat for maximum people. Charles, our friend, had purchased his snail and of route ate some proper there at Nakanda and become magnanimous sufficient to need to convey some to us at domestic. Some different pals might purchase consume and smooth mouth, as we say in Naija. I did this severally myself.
On his way to our residence Charles become accosted by using the police as he had a black  ‘ nylon’ bag with him. Black nylon bag inside the palms of a younger male at 8 pm in Lagos was a main crime.
Charles will do some thing to keep away from an encounter with the Nigerian policeman, well don’t all of us.  Charles turned into so fearful of the police that his solution become a mixture between English and Efik. He blurted out “it is Ekwong sir”. Don't forget this become Lagos, the question became in English, so how could Charles suppose the police man will understand Efik. Besides the bag was seized, searched and changed into no longer again to him… The police is your buddy which includes eating your snails.
The jokes, the laughter, the annoyance that followed this drama after Charles reported his prevalence is unforgettable for me every time I see snails or cook dinner them this scene just plays out. I can still believe the fright on Charles face with the police.
Nowadays however it isn't always going to be barbecue snail, it's far Snail stew. I find that snail meat is pretty sensitive to prepare dinner. Whilst overcooked it's far too soft and uninteresting.
Depending on what you use to clean the snails, it could emerge as rubbery while cooked. Frying snails, I sense takes faraway from playing the flavor and texture of the meat.
Nowadays it isn't always a whole lot of a problem to put together snails as you can get it washed for you within the market. You then must pick the “washing agent”. I decide upon salt and lime… two herbal ingredients that still continues the snail meat company. I discover that alum takes out the slime but lives the snail a bit too soft after a while.
In case you wash the snails inside the market or buy the packaged ones in the shop i will propose which you still get some lime to do your last minute cleansing before cooking because the slime tends to stay.
The important thing to enjoying snails whether in stews or soups is the cooking time. I advise 10-12 mins. This way the snail is cooked but retains that first-class crunchiness to the meat and tastes wonderful.
Enjoy a few Nigerian Snail Stew and plain boiled rice!

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