Pidgin love poems that you never kolobi for your Kabaah.. - MY MR.RIGHT



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Pidgin love poems that you never kolobi for your Kabaah..

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Pidgin love poems: Do you adore poems? How about we deliver it to you within the Naija Pidgin manner? You’ll adore it proper?


1. Love na like alcohol, he de shak, all of us wey in shape face up to the energy of love cross resist all pain.

2. Love na some thing wey dey make  human beings do right for every other; if you get individual wey such as you authentic, real, little need am play at all.

3. The whole thing get cause why he appear, every person wey sabi higher move recognise sey, when pesin do right because of love, he pass see the praise.

Four. Many people no recognise sey, if love no dey for this lifestyles, everything cross don dabaru. Na love na’im human being dey take live collectively.

5. Make we stay together as one in order that love move dey reing for our thoughts for each other. If you display me proper love, why I no cross satisfied?

6. If you need peace for somewhere, just make sure sey the whole thing wey you dey do there, dey usually come with love.

7. To love nalike charity, you pass clearly see the praise as time is going on. Love pass bless each person wey dey show love to all people.

8. Everyone sabi sey, people wey dey display actual friendship dey cease nicely with every other. If we value ourselves as pals, things go high-quality.

Nine. We adore every other na’im properly bypass make we dey pay attention each other. You be my padi and i be your padi, collectively make this life better.

10. Love na life, life na love the two of them na’im human be dey take stay collectively. In case you dey display love, God self move dey like you.

11. Things wey we want for this existence na’im be correct love. People wey show genuine love for each other cross see matters wey others no dey see.

12. Na love dey make things dey better; if brothers and sisters display love for each different; their parents mind cross relaxation.

Thirteen. Humans wey dey combat warfare don forget about one issue, love no dey among dem. While love don commot on your mind, mercy cross follow am waka.

14. The humans wey dey do evil, in case you check their thoughts, you move see sey, psychologically, dem no get coronary heart once more. The force wey dey deliver human pity don wash throway.

15. If we go fit dey live with each other with love, I wager sey our rely cross begin dey get head every day and night and all the time.

16. Love n’im be the electricity wey God take be a part of  humans collectively. If you get am, you don get one of the maximum precious matters for this international.

17. When love no dey exist among  humans, he pass come be like sey, the motto wey dey power passenger na’im move quickly kill am.

18. Make we try dey live with love for every different due to the fact human beings wey live with hatred yesterday no benefit something.

19. Love na’im be the pillar of good relationship. Love healthy make your marriage ultimate long so long as you dey show am to every different.

20. If you realize the energy of affection, you go use am take reach top notch heights for existence. Allow make love drive your destiny to your vacation spot.

My people my people Una weldone. 

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